About Lola Mohe

I am Lola Mohe, I was born in Linares (Jaén), a mining town that I carry in my heart. I have always been enthred by everything related to creation and design in different artistic manifestations (painting, sculpture, jewelry). However, it is in the latter, the world of jewelry, that I found my true vocation and immersed myself completely.

After my studies dedicated to the design and making of jewelry in different schools in Spain and Belgium (Centre D'Enseignement Secondarie Leon Mignon de Liege and at the Consortium School of Jewellery of Córdoba), I won the FIRST PRIZE; "New Design Zone to Finished Part", at the XXVI Cordobesa Jewelry Monographic Hall, in 2010. Similarly, some of my designs were published, internationally, in the Jewel Book Anuary. I have also participated in several Belgian exhibitions: Tremplin 2007 in Mouscron, Gallery World Craft Council- Francophone in Mons and 1001 Diamants Léon Mignon in Chateau Colonster.

After my studies and recognitions I started my professional activity in different workshops and companies in the sector. Once I had acquired this experience, I decided to create my own brand:LOLA MOHE.

My jewels are the result of the application of new technologies, along with the materials offered by nature, among others: wood, minerals, fabric, silver... Not forgetting, of course, the purely artisanal work that permeates all my creations, and that bring a unique touch to each of my pieces. My main source of inspiration is nature, with its thousands and wonderful forms, my passion for traveling that is somehow always present and my day to day with everything around me.

I describe my line of jewelry as timeless, because when designing I try to reproduce that image, feeling or beauty I would imagine that it is going through my head and I start thinking the right material, how beautiful it could be... and that's my design notebook, my mind, my world, where there's no paper or sketches... that's Lola Mohe.

For me, the most important thing is that the person who acquires a jewel of mine, appreciates the happiness, affection and dedication that I put in each piece, and that beyond any fashion, feels beautiful and happy.